The suggestive medieval structure of the Ancient Mill of Chiaravalle, extended on two floors, with wide halls and a vegetable garden, lies inside the monastic complex of the Abbey.

The cistercian monastery of Chiaravalle was founded in 1135. So it is reasonable to think the Mill to be constructed quite at the same time, although the first text which mention it is a document of 1238 and it speaks about a principal house with two wheels.

It takes until 1700 to know much about it, with some more information on its activity and the local area. In 1798 the Mill, owned by the Cistercians, was sold. Even though the Cistercians at that time were returned to Chiaravalle since March 1952, after being away more than a century and a half, the community recovered the Mill and the pertaining water meadow only in 1977.

The complex is built on a rectangular plan and has open trusses with arched windows. The Mill was in an awful condition near to collapse with a great instability of the bearing walls. So the community in 1995 commissioned a restoring project to put begin an appropriated recover.

In January 1996 a first credit request was submitted to the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano to  start the works.In 1999 the agreement between  autorities’ rappresentatives (Comune di Milano, CCIAA Milano and Provincia di Milano), and the Autostrada Serenissima   Inc.   was   signed,   so   that    a   credit  was  addressed   to  the  restoration  project

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