La Bottega dei Monaci

Via Sant’Arialdo, 102 - 20139 Milano



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The monks’ shop

“La Bottega

dei monaci”

The monk’s shop offers a wide range of products made out and wrapped by the monks themselves, such as eggs, poultry, honey, jams, sweets, sauces, herbs,

Aloe arborescens and many others.

Moreover the shop sells different quality products from others monasteries and abbeys

(spirits, digestives, grappa, wines, beers, infusions, natural creams for skin and health, personal hygienics products, and many others.

Furthermore, we sell religious books and objects.

Natural products

from the monastic tradition


(Natural officinal plants and herbs)

Flavour and properties of honey

(the natural gold from Mother Nature)

The Aloe Arborescens

from the monks of Chiaravalle

Holy objects



Opening hours

Monday: Closed

Tusday - Sunday:

9.00 - 12.00 / 3.00p.m. - 6.00p.m.

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