“Let all guests that come be received like Christ, for he will say: I was a stranger and ye took me in (Matt. 25:35)” (The Rule — ch. 53).

Monks, in fidelity to the teachment of the Rule of S. Benedict, receive anyone whishing to make a deep experience of spiritual life, listening to the Divine Word in a silent lifestyle.

For single guest are single rooms with bathroom and warm water.

Everyone is invited to respect the climate of silence and to partecipate to the holy Mass and to the liturgy of the hours; it is possible to share some daily works and activities with monks.

It is possible also to confess or to have conversation with a priest.

Meals are shared with monks, but presence can be arranged.

Punctuality is requested together with the respect of time-limits for getting in and out of the house.

A free contribution is demanded for staying.

For groups it is possible to book a single day retirement with the prospective of celebrating the holy Mass and a guided tour of the church.

The time for retirement is from 9.00a.m. till 17.30p.m. Confessors are available.

Everyone is invited to respect the climate of silence. A free contribution is welcome.


The hosting for ecclesial groups provides different halls by capacity. We recommend for discretion.  It is possible to have packed lunch.

Booking is possible by telephone leaving a contact number.


Monastero S. Maria di Chiaravalle

Via Sant’Arialdo, 102 - 20139 Milano

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The church and the cloister are visitable from Tuesday to Saturnday from 9am to 12am and (also on Sunday) from 3pm to 5pm.

Guestmaster: fr. Davide


For informations about tours for groups see the page on site.

The transept and the cloister stay closed on Monday.


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